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Best Mobile Golf Simulator Rental In San Diego, CA

We make golf accessible for anyone. Cali Venture Party Rentals is the best mobile golf simulator rental in San Diego, CA, ensuring exceptional moments for your corporate events, casual parties, and other celebrations. Whether you are looking for a standout event, practice option, or quality time with your friends celebrating something special, we are the choice you can trust. We have all tools to double your entertainment and improve your game. You can have exclusive time while playing by relying upon us for mobile golf needs!

Filling Delight Into All Types Of Events

We can give a memorable golf experience that none of the other mobile golf rentals can offer. Look no further than us if you plan to gather together and enjoy yourself with your best friends. Our goal is to make your day by adding something special that you may never forget, and you will make it a reminiscence. Our team is professional and trained to bring everything that is required to create a real-time golf playground. We will customize the game as per your needs. We will give you proper instructions to play it well from start to end.

Feel The Difference In Quality

You will feel the difference in how we turn your special day into a memory. We have a comprehensive approach to improving your golf experience at your convenience. We know swing dynamics and properly instruct the players to meet their entertainment needs. You can get a setup installed at your home or any other venue without hassle. With our diverse packages, you can pick one that suits your playing style.

What Sets Us Apart

What sets Cali Venture Party Rentals apart from other mobile golf rentals is our attention to bringing the high-speed cameras to capture the ball spin, path, and swing, irrespective of the duration you play. You will feel a sense of perfect enjoyment when you begin playing the game, no matter how far the competing person is. We have made the installation and setup very easy and quick to ensure customer convenience and satisfaction. No modification or construction is required as you can get the setup installed anywhere you want, whether indoor or outdoor.

Our Services

You can hire us to set up a mobile golf simulator in your space and give you a wonderful experience with the classy way to play golf anywhere and anytime you want. We have the best technology, which will make you feel like you are playing golf in real. Moreover, reach out to us so that you can celebrate the entire special day with something creative and entertaining.


Mobile Golf $750 Per Hour (For Three Hours)

Glow Golf Option $200 Extra


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